I was curious to compare the read/write speed of the different storage options for a PostgreSQL database on AWS, so I made this benchmark in which I tested Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, the classic PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS, and a manually-installed PostgreSQL on a EC2 machine with a local SSD disk.

The different options

Classic RDS: If you want to store a PostgreSQL database on AWS, the most obvious and widely used option is to go with a PostgreSQL on RDS, the managed database service proposed by AWS. …

Here I am going to present the moral philosophy proposed by John Rawls in his famous book A Theory of Justice, which is designed to fit nicely with his theory of a just society.

His book A Theory of Justice is mostly about defining what a just society is, and for that he proposes his famous theory of liberal democracy. However, Rawls also presents a moral philosophy which can be built by re-using the philosophical ideas about justice, and fits nicely with it. …

Hello everyone!

I have decided to create my own blog using Wix. I have called it “The Purple Blog”.

These days I have focused on nuclear power, but I plan to write articles on other subjects related to both technology and freedom.

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Nuclear power is probably the most controversial energy source. Its advocates see it as a cheap energy source that is necessary to prevent global warming. Its radical opponents think it is so dangerous that they would even prefer to face global warming instead. The scale of accidents and the strange nature of radioactivity make it especially terrifying, but when taking a rational approach, is it really that dangerous?

Let’s explore what people usually think about nuclear power and how it compares to reality.

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A few weeks ago, I learned that one third of my fellow French citizens think that other systems than democracy might be just as good. With the internal issues the United States are facing and the regression of liberties in Hong Kong, freedom in the world seems at risk. People are wondering if democracy and individual liberties are universal values, or just some Western-specific historical accident.

I don’t claim to be a philosopher or historian, but I wanted to give my humble opinion on this subject which I think is very important.

A history of Western arrogance

Let’s first recognize that Western countries have a…

How to fight economic recessions? The answer of economists throughout centuries.

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The first economists

There are no proper economists per se before the 18th century. This is what we may call the stone age of economics. Governments use naive economic ideas like: “We have to prevent the population from buying goods that are not from our country. By doing so, the gold will stay inside our borders and make us richer!”

But economists are going to change everything. The first well-known economist, Adam Smith, studied the economy of his time carefully. He noticed that many things…

We may sometimes hear that capitalism is incompatible with the environmental and social challenges of the 21st century. But is replacing capitalism really a good idea?

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What is capitalism?

To simplify, we’ll call capitalist economies those in which most services are provided by private companies. In industrialized countries, this includes most of what we buy: food, electrical appliances, furniture, cars, software, online services…

What is capitalism good at?

We have become accustomed to the benefits of capitalism and take them for granted. For instance, the fact that we can find many goods in stores…

Comment gérer les crises économiques ? La réponse des économistes à travers les siècles, présentée de manière simplifiée.

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Les premiers économistes

Avant le 18ème siècle, c’est la préhistoire économique. Il n’y a pas à proprement parler d’économistes. Les gouvernements appliquent bien souvent à l’époque des recettes économiques naïves, tel que : “Si j’empêche la population d’acheter des biens à l’extérieur du pays, il y aura plus d’or à l’intérieur du pays et on sera plus riches !”.

Mais les économistes vont arriver et changer tout ça. Un des célèbres pionniers de la science économique est Adam Smith. En étudiant…

On entend parfois dire que le capitalisme serait incompatible avec les enjeux environnementaux et sociétaux du 21ème siècle. Mais a-t-on intérêt à remplacer le capitalisme ?

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Qu’est-ce que le capitalisme ?

Pour simplifier nous allons appeler “capitalistes” les économies dans lesquelles la majorité des services que nous achetons sont fournies par des entreprises privées. Cela concerne en général la grande partie de ce que nous achetons dans les pays développés : la nourriture, les appareils électriques, les meubles, les automobiles, les logiciels, les services en ligne…

Qu’est-ce que le capitalisme sait bien faire ?

Nous sommes habitués aux bienfaits du capitalisme, au point où nous les considérons comme une…

Why and how we migrated our product usage data from PostgreSQL to Snowflake


At Doctrine we provide access to legal information for professionals. This includes legislation, case law, a lawyer directory, company legal statistics. The main service consists of a web application (other services include a customized legal newsletter for instance).

In our previous article about database architecture, we presented how we had previously improved our database infrastructure to solve two issues:

  1. Our data analysis scripts heavily use the database server resources (CPU, I/O), slowing down the web application used by our customers.
  2. When our team wanted to query the…

Raphaël Champeimont

Co-founder of Doctrine.fr

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